It’s MedArt Mentor Monday! Every week, Peg Gerrity shares fantastic tips, advice and helpful information for illustrators at any stage in their careers. Peg has over 30 years of experience as a successful Certified Medical Illustrator.

“Taking on MedLegal Illustration projects is a great way to grow your freelance illustration business, so it’s important to know how to market effectively to this niche audience. Certified Medical Illustrator Annie Gough literally wrote the book on Medical Legal Illustration, Injury Illustrated: How Medical Images Win Legal Cases. Annie shares her tips in today’s snippet about how to build one-on-one rapport with your attorney clients. Attorney conferences are a must! Attend your local state trial lawyer association events and the national trial attorney conventions. This builds camaraderie and trust. Networking and relationships are key to continued business and successful collaboration. Annie also uses Social Media to connect with her Clients as well. Next week we’ll talk specifically about Social Media Marketing for all kinds of Commercial and Medical Illustration. See you then!

As a Certified Medical Illustrator, Peg Gerrity has over 30 years of experience creating custom digital illustrations and animations for the healthcare, publishing, and pharmaceutical industries. She also creates traditional watercolor paintings while serving as Artist in Residence for various research, cultural, and conservation projects, and lease the rights to those images as needed.