In the world of commercial art, medical illustration is a specialized field. Within this field, however, there are a diverse range of different categories and disciplines: anatomy, cellular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and histology… The list is as inexhaustible as the field of science itself. With a series of special blogposts, we are celebrating several artists whose unique specializations help to cover this broad spectrum of subjects.

This month, Medical Illustration and Animation is proud to highlight ten talented medical illustrators working in the field of Dentistry:

Todd BuckBody Scientific, 3FX, Tina Pavlatos, Laurie O’Keefe, Thompson Medical Illustration, Hromi Biomedical, Lightbox Visual CommunicationsFran Milner, and NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio

Cover Image © Thompson Medical Illustration
“Common Location of Cavities ” © Todd Buck

Todd is a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI). Since 1990 Todd Buck Illustration LLC has been developing and creating high quality custom medical and scientific illustrations for pharmaceutical and biotech advertising and marketing, medical and consumer publishing, and web-based patient education media. Todd is Professor of Illustration at Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design. He earned his Master’s Degree in Medical Illustration from The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Biomedical Visualization. He earned his BA in Biological PreMedical Illustration (BPMI) from Iowa State University. Todd is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has presented workshops at the Association of Medical Illustrators national conference, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference, and the Midwest Medical Illustrators meeting.

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 “Child Teeth Growth” © Body Scientific

Body Scientific was founded by Marcelo Oliver and is co-owned with Lik Kwong. Marcelo and Lik are graduates of the University of Michigan Medical and Biological Illustration Program. In the years before forming Body Scientific, Marcelo was creative director at Anatomical Chart Co., marketing director of Heartsine technologies and President of Denoyer-Geppert.

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“Teeth Plaque” © 3FX, Inc.

3FX collaborates with Healthcare Companies & Agencies in the creation of medical animation and media display solutions for healthcare education and communications.

“Our work includes Branded & Unbranded MOA/MOD’s, Device & Delivery Systems, Illustration and other custom designed animations to aid in the education of physicians, specialists, patients, and consumer audiences. Specialties include Medical Animation, Medical Illustration, Multi-touch Interactive Tables/walls, Portable & Staged Holography, our Full Dome Immersive Theater Experience, Stereoscopic 3D, etc. 3FX is always evaluating and experimenting with new and advancing display technologies that benefit our clients.”

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“I am a freelance Medical Illustrator with 20 years of experience. With each new project I focus on showing complicated medical information in an accurate and understandable way that is appropriate for the intended audience.  I specialize in working with authors and publishing companies to illustrate books such as: “Salt Kills” by Dr Neravetla, “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal, “The Little Black Book of Neuropsychology” by Dr. Mike Schoenberg, “Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics” Elsevier, “Spanish to Go” by Gia Patilis.

Some of my other clients include: JEMS Magazine, Kettering Medical Center, Joint Program of Great Dayton, Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, UCLA Medical Center and The Retina Center of Ohio.”

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“Tooth & Implant Anatomy” © Tina Pavlatos
“Gum graft dental surgery” © Laurie O’Keefe

Laurie O’Keefe is a Certified Medical Illustrator specializing in biomedical and natural science illustration for educational and commercial markets. She has a B.S. in Zoology and a M.S. in Anatomy from Colorado State University.

“For more than two decades, I’ve worked as an independent medical artist. I use traditional and digital methods to construct images for a variety of publishing formats, including textbooks, pharmaceutical product advertisement, museum and medical-legal exhibits. My client list includes Google, Pfizer, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, IDEXX, and Purina.”

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“Gingival Flap” © Thompson Medical Illustration

Molly Thompson is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator working with researchers, universities, hospitals, medical device makers, small businesses, law firms and communications agencies. Molly’s work is applied to patient education materials, research publications, websites, books, instructions for use, patent applications, medical-legal exhibits, product/device marketing materials and more. Molly graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology Medical Illustration BFA program in 2004 and has been a professional member of both the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) and the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators (PSI) since 2008. She has volunteered much of her time supporting PSI, serving from 2014 to 2016 as Board Secretary and currently as Exhibit Committee Co-chair. Prior to establishing her own business, Molly was a staff medical illustrator in Columbus, OH at The Ohio State University Medical Center from 2005 to 2008.

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“Fixed Oral Devices” © Hromi Biomedical

Emily Hromi (roh-mee) is the founder and lead creative of Studio Hromi LLC and its medical illustration division Hromi Biomedical. She is a self-employed medical illustrator and designer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally from Ohio, Emily earned her BFA in Biomedical Art from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014 and worked as a medical illustrator in Cleveland before moving to Grand Rapids. Emily has over a decade of combined experience in fine art, medical illustration, design, museum work, and science communication. Studio Hromi has been in business since August 2019 and supports dozens of clients in Grand Rapids and worldwide with medical illustration, commercial illustration, graphic design, and other creative services. Emily is currently pursuing Board Certification and is an active professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a two-time AMI Salon award winner.

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“Lightbox Visual Communications started in 2005 as a company providing medical illustration to the publishing industry. Since then we have grown to become an innovative creative studio known for our creative ideas that exceed expectations. In addition to medical illustration, we also have experience in infographics, patient education, design, and 3D illustration for programming animation.”

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“Dental Procedure” © Lightbox Visual Communications
“Crown Tack Cure, lingual & occlusal surfaces” © NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio; Purnell

David R. Purnell has a Master of Arts Degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was formerly on staff as the senior surgical/medical illustrator at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (19 years). Currently, he is the owner/founder of NEW YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio. NEW YORK WEST provides clients — which include surgeons, clinicians, nurse educators, medical device manufacturers, medical education companies and advertising agencies — with custom creations used in print, on websites, and in slide presentations. Specific applications include textbooks and journals, national and international advertising campaigns, branding, sell sheets, product sheets, technique guides, banners, and exhibits.

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Fran Milner is a visual communicator, formally trained in both medical illustration and studio painting, with extensive experience writing, designing, and illustrating content for both patient education and medical professionals.

“I have several styles, but all my work is consistent in that it takes complex medical content and presents it in an attractive and appropriate manner, intended to engage, instruct, and entertain the viewer.”

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“Tooth Anatomy” © Fran Milner

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