This week, the Medical Illustration & Animation Sourcebook highlights recent work from MedDraw Studio.

Illustrator: MedDraw Studio

Client: Baby Gooroo

From the artist: “These bookmarks were created for Baby Gooroo, featuring infants portrayed with different physical characteristics to represent various ethnicities.”


At MedDraw Studio, I work with medical, legal, and scientific professionals to communicate complex information to a lay audience in the form of patient and consumer education materials and demonstrative exhibits. These illustrations show general anatomy, surgical procedures, injury summaries, mechanism of injury, timelines, and medical imaging interpretation. With a background in advertising, marketing, education, and biological and anatomical sciences, it is my goal to create a unique solution to each client’s communication needs. I meet personally with each client (by phone, skype, email, or in person), review materials, and come up with a solution created specifically for each project. ~ Mandy Root-Thompson