In the world of commercial art, medical illustration is a specialized field. Within this field, however, there is a diverse range of different categories and disciplines: anatomy, cellular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and histology… The list is as inexhaustible as the field of science itself. With a series of special blog posts, we are celebrating several artists whose unique specializations help to cover this broad spectrum of subjects.

This month, Medical Illustration and Animation is proud to highlight ten talented medical illustrators working in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Laurie O’Keefe, Peg Gerrity, Molly Borman, Mike Austin, Clark Medical, DNA Illustrations, Fran Milner, Body Scientific, MedDraw Studio, Todd Buck

Cover Image © Body Scientific
© Laurie O’Keefe

“For more than two decades, I’ve worked as an independent medical artist. I’m a Certified Medical Illustrator, specializing in biomedical illustrations that provide engaging and educational views of science and nature. I use traditional and digital methods to construct images for a variety of publishing formats, including textbooks, pharmaceutical product advertisements, museum and medical-legal exhibits. My client list includes Google, Pfizer, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, IDEXX, and Purina.” ~ Laurie O’Keefe

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© Peg Gerrity

“As a Certified Medical Illustrator, I have over 30 years of experience creating custom digital illustrations and animations for the healthcare, publishing, and pharmaceutical industries. I also create traditional watercolor paintings while serving as Artist in Residence for various research, cultural, and conservation projects, and lease the rights to those images as needed.”

~ Peg Gerrity

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© Mike Austin

Mike Austin, owner of Internal Art Medical Illustration, is known for his skillful creativity and artistic style. Mike is an independent medical illustrator with over two decades of experience collaborating with clients and creating compelling visuals to communicate information clearly. His intent is to create a warm, appealing and accurate final illustration that is delivered on time. In 1994, Mike graduated with a Master’s degree in Medical and Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan School of Medical Illustration in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His background includes rigorous coursework in gross anatomy, comparative anatomy, pathology and biology. With his expertise in science, anatomy and artistry, Mike can find a solution to your intricate communication goals. Prior to starting Internal Art Medical Illustration, Mike began his career at the Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1999. Many clients have mentioned they appreciate the flexibility and timeliness that Mike provides when working on their projects. His work has appeared in PBS documentaries, medical malpractice trials, surgical and clinical journals, books, advertising, professional and patient education materials and used for medical device marketing and packaging.

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© Molly Borman

“My goal is to create artwork that is accurate, informative and inviting.”

Molly Borman graduated in 1988 from Colorado State University with a Masters of Science in Anatomy and specialization in Biomedical Illustration. While in the program she was a graduate teaching assistant for the human anatomy laboratories for 5 semesters. She was a Staff Medical Illustrator at CSU’s Illustration and Communication service department, 1989-1990. She aided instructing graduate students in CSU’s Biomedical Illustration program and co-instructed Introduction to Biomedical Illustration, an undergraduate class. From 1990 to the present Molly has been running her own biomedical illustration business.

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© Clark Medical Illustration

Clark Medical Illustration is a full-service medical, biological and scientific communications company. Lisa Clark is the president and principal creative for Clark Medical Illustration.

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© DNA Illustrations

Alexandra Webber, founder of DNA Illustrations, has been interested the intersections of art and science since childhood. She attended the University of Georgia and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (double major in Scientific Illustration and Zoology). She received her Master of Science with Summa Cum Laude distinction from the Medical College of Georgia. She has worked at a vet school, an ecology lab, and as a creator of medical legal exhibits. She later moved to New Orleans to join the Department of Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans, and she served as adjunct faculty at Dillard University in New Orleans. For the past 20 years, Alex has worked as a freelance illustrator at DNA Illustrations. Her background includes extensive experience in creating editorial art and illustrating surgical volumes. She has received numerous awards for her work.

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© Fran Milner

“I am a visual communicator, formally trained in both medical illustration and studio painting, with extensive experience writing, designing, and illustrating content for both patient education and medical professionals. I have several styles, but all my work is consistent in that it takes complex medical content and presents it in an attractive and appropriate manner, intended to engage, instruct, and entertain the viewer.” ~ Fran Milner

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© Body Scientific

Since its formation, Body Scientific has created more than 30,000 medical drawings, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence in medical illustration. Their dedication to quality and accuracy has earned them numerous awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators, further solidifying their position as a leading illustration team in the medical industry. One of the hallmarks of Body Scientific’s work is their focus on diversity and inclusivity in medical illustrations. They recognize the importance of accurately representing the diversity of the human body, from skin tone to body type. Creating illustrations that people can relate to is a prime example of their commitment to improving representation in healthcare.

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© MedDraw Studio

“At MedDraw Studio I work with medical, legal, and scientific professionals to communicate complex information to a lay audience in the form of patient and consumer education materials and demonstrative exhibits. These illustrations show general anatomy, surgical procedures, injury summaries, mechanism of injury, timelines, and medical imaging interpretation. With a background in advertising, marketing, education, and biological and anatomical sciences, it is my goal to create a unique solution to each client’s communication needs. I meet personally with each client (by phone, skype, email, or in person), review materials, and come up with a solution created specifically for each project.”

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 © Todd Buck

Since 1990, Todd Buck Illustration LLC has been developing and creating high-quality custom medical and scientific illustrations for pharmaceutical and biotech advertising and marketing, medical and consumer publishing, and web-based patient education media. Todd is a Professor of Illustration at Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design. Todd is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has presented workshops at the Association of Medical Illustrators national conference, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference, and the Midwest Medical Illustrators meeting. Todd is a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI).

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