In the world of commercial art, medical illustration is a specialized field. Within this field, however, there are a diverse range of different categories and disciplines: anatomy, cellular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and histology… The list is as inexhaustible as the field of science itself. With a series of special blogposts, we will celebrate several artists whose unique specializations help to cover this broad spectrum of subjects.

This week, Medical Illustration and Animation would like to highlight five talented medical illustrators working in the field of Anatomy: Peter Bull, Michele Graham, Todd Buck, Bonnie Hofkin and Lightbox Visuals

Peter Bull Art Studio creates and supplies the highest quality illustration, animation and design to publishing, advertising and pharmaceutical clients worldwide.

“We are a team of highly experienced and creative designers, illustrators and animators, and from our combined expertise, whether it is just a simple piece of lineart or creating a complex 3D model or animation, we are here to ensure you receive the most efficient, cost effective and suitable solution for every project.”

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Michele is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator. She holds a Master of Science in Anatomy with a concentration in Medical Illustration and a Master of Fine Art in drawing. She has been working as a Medical Illustrator for the past 17 years and is currently working independently. Michele has 7 years of experience teaching anatomy and drawing at Colorado State University and 5 years experience teaching anatomy and art in the Nursing and Liberal Arts Programs at the College of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia.

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Todd Buck is a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) who has been developing and creating high quality custom medical and scientific illustrations for pharmaceutical and biotech advertising and marketing, medical and consumer publishing, and web-based patient education media since 1990. Todd is Professor of Illustration at Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design. Todd is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has presented workshops at the Association of Medical Illustrators national conference, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference, and the Midwest Medical Illustrators meeting.

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After Bonnie Hofkin received her training in illustration at Art Center College of Design and a MA in Medical Illustration she went to NYC to freelance in the medical editorial and advertising industry.

“I’m a traditionalist by heart and am still trying to parrot DaVinci but there is magic when the pencil line can merge with the pixels.” – Bonnie

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“Palpation of the right serratus anterior” © Lightbox Visuals

Lightbox Visual Communications started in 2005 as a company that provides medical illustration to the publishing industry. Since then, they have grown to become an innovative creative studio known for their creative ideas that exceed expectations. In addition to medical illustration, the Lightbox team also has extensive experience in infographics, patient education, design, and 3D illustration for programming animation.

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