In the world of commercial art, medical illustration is a specialized field. Within this field, however, there are a diverse range of different categories and disciplines: anatomy, cellular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and histology… The list is as inexhaustible as the field of science itself. With the release of  our Medical Illustration & Animation #33 book next month, we would like to celebrate several artists whose unique specializations help to cover this broad spectrum of subjects.

This week, Medical Illustration and Animation would like to highlight four talented medical illustrators working in the field of Natural Science: Laurie O’Keefe, Visualizing Science, Deborah Kopka, and Logan Parsons Illustration. From biomes and infographics, to veterinary anatomy and botanical classification, these four artists’ specialized work within the field of natural science helps us all better understand and appreciate the world around us.

Image above clockwise from top left © Deborah Kopka, Visualizing Science, Logan Parsons Illustration and Laurie O’Keefe. All images courtesy of the artists

Laurie O’Keefe— Veterinary Anatomy

“Cat Circulatory System Anatomy” © Laurie O’Keefe
“Mouse Anatomy” © Laurie O’Keefe
“Sports injury target points in canine” © Laurie O’Keefe

Laurie O’Keefe has worked as an independent medical artist for more than two decades. As a Certified Medical Illustrator, she specializes in biomedical illustrations that provide engaging and educational views of science and nature. She has used both traditional and digital methods to construct images for a variety of publishing formats, including textbooks, pharmaceutical product advertisement, museum and medical-legal exhibits. Her client list includes: Google, Pfizer, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, IDEXX, Purina, and many more.

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Visualizing Science— Infographics

“Madden Julian Oscillation Data Visualization” © Visualizing Science
“Green and Gray Stormwater Infrastructure” © Visualizing Science
“Active Acoustic Techniques in Pelagic Habitats ” © Visualizing Science

Founded in 2005 by Fiona Martin, Visualizing Science specializes in infographics, vector illustration, data visualization, and layout design. Occasional commissions are rendered in pen-and-ink, watercolor, and acrylic.Fiona holds a B.S. in Marine Biology (summa cum laude) and a Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

With over 15 years of experience, she has illustrated and designed for a wide range of clients, including: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Park Service (NPS), Princeton University Press, and Whole Foods Market. Her illustrations and layouts have been featured in numerous scientific publications, and for the last 13 years she’s served as Illustration Editor at the nonprofit Annual Reviews (5 years at the Senior level), and has edited approximately 9,000 figures and captions across 26 scientific journals.

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Deborah Kopka— Botanical Illustration

“Heirloom Gourds (Cucurbita pepo) ” © Deborah Kopka
Black Oak Leaf (Quercus velutina) ” © Deborah Kopka

Deborah Kopka Designs is a husband and wife design studio based out of the historic town of Perrysburg, Ohio. Deborah studied botanical illustration in England and editorial illustration at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and also earned a Botanical Art Diploma, with Distinction, from London Art College in the United Kingdom. A botanical artist since 1993, Deborah Kopka teaches Watercolor, Graphite, Pen & Ink, and Mixed Media in university and community college adult education programs, and in botanical gardens. With over 35-years worth of professional publishing experience, Deborah works with domestic and international educational publishers to create a variety of botanical images for licensing in the international fine art print, education, and home goods markets. She has also authored or co-authored twelve non-fiction children’s books.

“Turban Squash (Cucurbita maxima)” © Deborah Kopka

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“Naked Mole Rat Burrow ” © Logan Parsons Illustration
“Acadia Mudflat ” © Logan Parsons Illustration
“Acadia Tidepool” © Logan Parsons Illustration

 Born and raised in Pacific Grove, California, Logan received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University. The following year, she obtained her graduate certificate in Science Illustration from the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz and has gone on to hone her skills as an educator, working as a Interpretive Park Ranger in Yosemite, and a high school art teacher at the York School in Monterey, CA. Logan now lives and works as a freelancer in Santa Cruz, California with her husband and two year old son. She is a passionate gardener, houseplant enthusiast, and podcast listener.

From the artist: “Nature has always been the primary influence in my art; capturing the character of its many odd, funny, and beautiful organisms. I also hold a deep appreciation for designs and compositions (especially within the sciences) that successfully convey information while at the same time having an aesthetic appeal.”

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