Scientific communications company Visualmedics specializes in creating high-quality graphics for medical illustration, informational design, digital publishing, pharmaceutical advertising, and academic publication projects. With fifteen years of experience uniting the medical science and visual arts industries, Visualmedics is known for consistently providing effective and accurate visuals for a variety of scientific projects.

As Visualmedics prides themselves on facilitating intelligent communication with professionals from various medical and scientific fields, they understand what exactly is needed to effectively translate both simple and complex concepts for a variety of audiences that include patients, physicians, surgeons, research scientists, investors, and consumers. Founder of Visualmedics, Lara Laghetto, comments:

“As a Medical illustrator, I have always wanted to ‘show’ and ‘capture’ that which is ordinarily difficult for lay audiences to understand – medical or anatomical content. In the work I do, I always feel extremely engaged to capture and enable viewers to see a surgical operation or a scientific process with amazement.” 

Because of the diversity in projects Visualmedics takes on, they consider scientific knowledge to be of paramount.importance — which is why their team is comprised of both professionally-trained illustrators and animators and certified medical illustrators. Visualmedics knows what is needed to collaborate with international clients from all backgrounds, always carefully considers the most effective approach for different types of projects, and consistently delivers outstanding results that go above and beyond expectations. For more project samples by Visualmedics, check out their portfolio or website.