Even though we’re named the Medical Illustration Sourcebook, there are several more types of expert illustration featured.

Zoology, for example, is a field as expansive as human medicine with as many subsets and categories.

Here is a brief collection of the amazing zoological artwork contained in the Sourcebook:

meg sodano, tidepool, zoology, sea star, starfish, illustration, scientific illustration, medical illustration sourcebook

Sea Star (Asterias forbesi) in Tidepool © Meg Sodano


lizzie harper, reptile, salamander, fire salamander, illustration, scientific illustration, natural science

Fire salamander © Lizzie Harper


sharon birzer, elephant, african elephant, natural science, zoology, scientific illustration, illustration

African Savannah Elephant (Loxodonta africana) © Sharon Birzer


lucy conklin, corvus corax, crow, bird, illustration, zoology, natural science, scientific illustration

Corvus Corax © Lucy Conklin


More amazing illustrations can be found in the artists’ portfolios and through the specialty search online!