The welcome return of spring also means the inevitable return of allergies.

Pollen, spores, cut grass, mold, and who knows what else get released into the air and into our eyes, nose, throat, and sinuses.

As dreadful as this all this, the artists of the Medical Illustration Sourcebook can help make this subject more tolerable with their exquisitely precise depictions of the histamine responses, irritated membranes, and more!

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Kevin Somerville :: Nasal Passages


Illustration, Illustrator, Medical Illustration, Medical Illustrator, pollen, human anatomy, anatomy, conceptual, healthcare, medicine, healthcare illustration, sciart, Ed Zilberts

Ed Zilberts :: Pollen & the Respiratory System


edmund alexander, cynthia turner, histamine, mast cell, medical illustration, biological illustration, immune response, cellular, cellular illustration, medical art, healthcare, healthcare illustration, allergy

Edmund Alexander :: Granulating Mast Cell: A mast cell contains many granules rich in histamine and heparin.


marie rossettie, left brain llc, eye, ocular, eye anatomy, allergy, medical illustration, medical illustrator, healthcare, medical art, eyeball

Left Right Brain LLC :: Allergic Eye


Mark M Miller, allergic reaction, medical illustration, medical illustrator, allergic reaction, allergies, allergen, healthcare, medical illustration sourcebook

Mark M. Miller :: Allergic Reaction: A view of an allergen binding to a cell receptor and the subsequent release of histamine.


Lauren Hamm, medical illustration, medical illustrator, inhaler, asthma, product design, pharmaceutical

Lauren Hamm :: Inhaler


Sandra Williams, thistle, botany, botanical illustration, natural science, plants, plantlife, plant illustration, scientific illustration, flower, flowering plant

Sandra Williams :: Thistle