We are so pleased to welcome illustrator Kouzou Sakai, represented by Folio, to our Medical Illustration program!

After graduating from university, Kouzou redirected his focus from biological science to scientific illustration. He has now been working as a freelance illustrator for over 15 years.

Here are his thoughts on his decision to pursue illustration:

“I loved biological science very much but left the field for various reasons. When beginning work as an illustrator, I thought this would mean a complete departure from the sciences. About 10 years on, however, I was able to return from a different perspective. It was deeply moving to draw for a scientific journal I had been reading as a student, and it became clear that my interest for the subject still remained.

I’m very far from being a scientist, but I would love it if I could make a contribution to the development of science, as an illustrator.”

Kouzou is currently responsible for creating the cover illustrations for the acclaimed medical journal, “The Lancet Infectious Diseases,” for the entire year of 2018. With his exceptional ability to convey complex concepts with vibrant imagery, we can certainly understand why he was chosen for this assignment!

Check out Kouzou’s wonderful cover illustrations below, and be sure to explore his portfolio for more work.

Kouzou Sakai Lancet Cover Illustration