With the help of kickstarter campaign supporters, Dr. Livingston’s multi-volume, Human Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle project – which features anatomically-accurate artwork designed by scientific illustrator Mesa Studios in collaboration with Genius Games – has successfully launched a new printing! While the first three Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles were released earlier this year, the printing of their fourth puzzle completes the entire human body set.

Each puzzle may be assembled and displayed individually, or all combined together to create a continuous 10′ tall picture of the human body – where each volume of the arm and leg pairs focus on different aspects of the anatomy that highlights different arrays of the intricate features that make up the human limbs.

Mesa Studios is a boutique illustration and animation studio specializing in medical, scientific, and information visualization. Our mission is to serve as a bridge between science and audience, helping translate information into clear visual communication. Principal artist Mesa Schumacher holds a science degree from Stanford, and a Masters in Biomedical Illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and has over 10 years working experience in science art. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, Scientific American, Cell, Neuron, for Pharmaceuticals, Medical device companies, Academic institutions, Hospitals, Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, and for private research clients.

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