Augmented reality technology has passed the stage of rapid development; many industries are expanding its functionality and offering a new level of innovative content now. Thousands of AR applications are used in retail firms, gaming industry, advertising, etc. Investments in software and devices, providing augmented reality, will only increase as technology continues to advance into new areas. By 2025, AR and VR markets are expected to reach $768 billion.

AR is also strengthening its position in the pharmaceutical industry. Augmented reality is an excellent tool to demonstrate the capabilities of a new medical product, the details of disease progression, as well as the mechanism of action of a new treatment.

Augmented reality also helps break down communication barriers, as it can be used to illustrate complex concepts in interactive formats. For example, this technology is used by manufacturing, research, and commercial organizations to explain new methods of treatment and to prove their effectiveness.

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How Augmented Reality is Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Augmented Reality and Pharmaceutical Production

The quality of pharmaceutical products depends on the implementation of scientific development in production. Here it is a question of machinery that doesn’t have the right to the slightest inaccuracy. The price of a mistake is always too high: from ineffective treatment to a severe reaction. Using AR technology is the best way to control the correct operation of equipment. AR technology eliminates or minimizes the likelihood of human error, which determines the quality of the pharmaceutical product.

Augmented Reality and Marketing

The specifics of promoting pharmaceutical products on the market is that companies don’t have to work with a multimillion-dollar audience, but with each specific practitioner and researcher individually. However, these people don’t have free time to search for innovative technologies and, unfortunately, are not always ready to listen to the sales representatives. They are busy with their work, treating their patients.

AR is a tool that takes pharmaceutical marketing to a different level. By using augmented reality, a presentation can take place anywhere, demonstrating all the advantages of the new product to the potential buyer. AR fully matches the digital interaction trends; thus, it is a very effective tool for attracting customers.

How does AR marketing work? There are many cases, for example, three-dimensional visualization of an organ with the inclusion of augmented reality showing the effect and advantages of a new product, its difference from other treatment methods available on the market.

Augmented Reality and Patients

Introducing AR technologies in medicine can help the patient to get rid of anxiety and pain without the use of additional therapies. The use of augmented reality in surgical practice deserves particular attention. The doctor gets the opportunity to think and rehearse a surgical procedure before performing the actual one. A three-dimensional image ensures accuracy, minimizes risks, and, thereby, contributes to positive treatment results.

There are still many possibilities for using augmented reality in healthcare and pharma. Nanobot Medical is closely following the news and exploring new opportunities. If you have an idea, but don’t have an experienced team, Nanobot Medical will bring our rich experience and energy to your company. Just contact us and let’s work on your AR project together.

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