INVIVO is an interactive agency that is continously working to revolutionize user experiences and provide fresh and creative digital solutions exclusively to the global pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Over the last 15 years their work has evolved from the design of CD-ROMs and tablet PC programs to serious games, patient apps and near-future applications. Their world includes current and emerging platforms such as: mobile devices, gaming engines, augmented reality, commercial and custom CMS and CLM platforms, and a few others they can’t tell you about yet.

It comes as no surprise that INVIVO is maintaining its role as a clear innovator for their market. Continuously racking up prizes and recognition, this year they took home these particular accolades:

And for the second year in row, INVIVO has been named one of Medical Marketing & Media Magazine’s Top 100 Agencies in the industry.

You can see more ground-breaking work from INVIVO through their online Medical Illustration Portfolio or website.