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Veterinarians rely on anatomical illustrations to further study and understand the shape, location, and structure of organs and tissues of the bodies of domestic mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Here are a few explorations into Animal Anatomy from the Medical Illustration Sourcebook Artists:

Catherine Delphia, MA, CMI
Catherine Delphia
Chicken Digestive Anatomy


Laurie O’Keefe
Laurie Okeefe
Male Mouse Anatomy


Michele Graham
Michele Graham
Pen and ink drawing of Boxer with the Branches of the Facial Nerve overlying the Facial Muscles


Levent Efe
Levent E
German shepherd anatomy


Kelly Kage


Illumination Studios
Illumination Studios
Equine Upper Respiratory Anatomy


Karin Spijker
Karin S
Chicken skeleton viscera


Liz Bradford
Liz Bradford
White tailed deer anatomy – muscular view


Lauren D. Sawchyn, MSMI, DVM, CMI
Lauren Sawchyn
Feline Medial Hindlimb Musculature

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