Scientific communication company AlbrechtGFX developed the derivative work above to highlight the coronavirus pandemic as a global health emergency. Created through revising an existing 3D Coronavirus model in their personal archives to construct the new graphic, this projects also notes how reusing/revising existing 3D models can save both time and money.

Covid-19 Information

• Named for the crownlike spiky projections surrounding the virus
• 17,000+ human cases worldwide as of 2-3-2020
• Upper respiratory illness in chickens, bats, dogs, cats, ferrets, camels, cattle
• Enteric illness in cattle and pigs
• 7 types of Coronavirus infect people
Primarily causes mild to moderate upper respiratory symptoms
Also includes severe respiratory problems– SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) & MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)
• How Spread:
Through air-coughing, sneezing
By contact – touching infected surfaces (Doorknobs) & personal contact, e.g.,
shaking hands

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