Over the last decade, science has taken on genuinely new dimensions. It ceases to be boring and monotonous, its areas of influence are constantly expanding, and the audience is growing exponentially. An essential role in the popularization of science play cutting-edge technologies for visualization. Nowadays, you can easily present the results of research or concept on a big screen and even create 3D models to demonstrate at a medical conference.

Modern computer technology helps to develop the world of science from a new perspective of scientific communication. Nanobot Medical Inc. provides several solutions for the creation of the visual part for your next conference or exhibition. The most popular solutions are virtual reality, scientific animations, and other interactive solutions.

Scientific Virtual Reality

A massive surge of interest in virtual reality started approximately four years ago. At first, the technology was only used for shows during the world’s biggest fairs and competitions. Soon people realized that the potential of VR technology goes beyond entertainment.

Scientific storytelling is one of the most efficient and powerful modes to reach out to the audience. VR allows immersing people into the presentation and interacting with the content. After putting on a headset, a person is a part of the visual story.

Scientists are now using VR for many reasons. Firstly, it looks very imposing and helps to understand scientific information better. Secondly, participants can see biological and physiological processes from the inside of the human body or the cell. You can not only hear about the innovations but also be a part of it in real-time.

Scientific animation

Scientific animation includes the production of a detailed video that complements an academic reportduring a medical conference. You can demonstrate images of biological structures and microparticles. Scientific animation can depict in detail complex biological processes connected with various diseases, how a human body reacts to a particular medicine, and more. The application of 4K video allows receiving a high-quality image with more detail than ever before.

Interactive Solutions

Would you like to make your monotonous speech more engaging? Would you like to raise serious scientific issues in a way that people would feel it? How about adding some interactive solutions to the text-based presentations? All you need is to have access to touchscreens.

Interactive content is an inevitable element of modern exhibitions and conferences. The audience can independently interact with gesture-driven devices. Just imagine, every visitor participates in the presentation with you. The content, in this case, should be engaging, intuitive, and stunning. Interactive solutions immerse the audience in a multifaceted journey. However, you have to include the elements of gamification to indulge a person in your project.

How Nanobot Medical Can Help You?

Do not spare your budget on cutting-edge interactive simulations. Scientific communication requires the highest quality solutions. At Nanobot Medical, we gathered experienced and motivated scientists, developers, animators, and artists who are ready to put their scientific knowledge into creative digital solutions.

Our company can offer you a lot of excellent solutions for visual design, and it’s easy to work with us because:

  • We have extensive experience and proven skills in working with visual technologies;
  • We save your time by reducing unnecessary communication;
  • We save your budget as having developed a 3D model once, you can use it in other promotion materials (banners, interactive applications, presentations).

Our company Nanobot Medical employs professionals who are familiar with all these books and will be happy to put their knowledge into practice in any of your projects. 

Forget about tiresome text-based presentations and reports, choose interactions to stand out among your competitors at a medical conference!

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