Image: Hybrid Medical Animation

The Medical Illustration Sourcebook is home to some of the best medical illustrators working today.

These talented artists also create amazing 3D animations that serve a wide variety of purposes for the healthcare market.

Here are 5 great medical animations to watch right now:


Hybrid Medical Animation: Science of G | Heart & Blood 

Hybrid collaborated with VML (and client) to produce The Science of G, a new Gatorade product line. Combining live action and 3D animation, we take the viewer on 7 electrifying rides through complex anatomical processes within the body of NFL star Cam Newton. For this “hydration” stop, viewers learn more about the hardest working muscle in the body — the heart. The purpose of each stop is to educate teen athletes on the demands of competitive sports and bring to life to how Gatorade may benefit athletic performance.


Peg Gerrity: Nasonex

Animation for Nasonex nasal spray, demonstrating how allergies cause the inflammatory response system to release mast cells, which bind with the pollen. Histamine is released by the mast cells once the antibodies on the mast cells bind with the allergens. Histamine floods the nasal passages causing redness, congestion, itching, and swelling. Histamine affects the mucociliary transport system by acting on the glands, nerves, and blood vessels to produce more mucus. Nasonex blocks the affects of histamine and inflammatory cell infiltration to relieve the itching, swelling, and congestion caused by allergies.


Vuk Nikolic: Protein Synthesis

Animation based on the discovery that won The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009, “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome”.


Equinox Graphics: Microsoft Research’s Bio Model Analyzer

An animation we created to explain some of the background and concept behind Microsoft Research’s Bio Model Analyzer project, which is a piece of software for simulating the behaviour of protein networks within cellular systems. It is to be used to compare hypothesised models of protein networks with reality, and even to predict the effects of knocking out key proteins (by targeted drugs, for example) and to spot inconsistencies in the models, helping to point towards better models of protein interactions.


Bill GrahamPKU: The Importance of PHE & Tyrosine v11

This animation won the 2014 Rx Club Award of Excellence for Educational Animation. Created for GA Communications, it is one of several videos demonstrating the mechanism of action (MOA) and patient education information for Kuvan, a treatment for lowering blood Phe levels for those afflicted with PKU (phenylketonuria).