Featured Image: Glia Media

The Medical Illustration Sourcebook is home to a wide array of talented artists specializing in many different fields of scientific art.

Not only are these artists making a valuable contribution to the SciArt community, they’re also turning heads this month on our website and so we thought you should check them out too.

Here are 7 medical illustrators you should know:


Third Left Studios


Third Left Studios is a collaboration of two artists, Andrea Charest and Karina Metcalf. A shared passion for patient education, health literacy and vector art brought us together over eight years ago and we have worked as a duo ever since. Our specialties are vector illustration, health infographics and educational 2D animation. We love working with medical writers and content experts to produce informative educational illustrations. We immerse ourselves in a topic in order to find and clearly communicate the essential information. Together, we bring over 25 years of medical illustration experience to the table. We have each worked as artists and designers in a variety of health-related fields for well over a decade. Most importantly, we love what we do.


Krystyna Srodulski


Krystyna Srodulski specializes in Alternative Medicine, Anatomy, Biology, Cardiac Surgery / Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Disease Management, Embryology, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology / Metabolic, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Genetics, Maternal / Child, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics / Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Portraits, Reproductive Biology, Respiratory, Thoracic Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Zoology, and Injuries. More of her work can be seen through her Medical Illustration Sourcebook Portfolio.


Glia Media


Glia Media is a division of the Mayfield Clinic, a leading neurosurgery practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our creative team is a full-service marketing and design studio, with expertise in the topics of spine and brain surgery, neuroscience, otolaryngology, and neuroradiology. We work across a broad spectrum of health and science industries, including biotech, hospital, academia, pharma, medical-legal, advertising, and publishing. Our skills include medical illustration, academic publication, marketing, advertising, Web production, and media outreach. Curious and collaborative, we use left-brain planning and right-brain artistry to develop unique healthcare communications.


Mandy Root-Thompson


Mandy Root-Thompson is a freelance medical illustrator in the greater Chicago area. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in illustration and Advertising Design at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, she worked briefly in advertising before taking a short 15 year hiatus to become a professional kayaking instructor and business owner. As a Medical Illustrator with a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she is now working in computer illustration and animation with an emphasis on 2D illustration, interactive patient education materials, and medical-legal. Mandy works in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I have experience with Action Script 3, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. I also have experience with Autodesk 3DsMax and Mudbox, and Pixologic ZBrush. Aside from computer illustration and animation Mandy also works in pen and ink, graphite, and 3D modeling.


Gary Carlson

blood cells

Gary strives to bring a level of of artfulness to medical illustration that makes it exciting as well as informative. He specializes in translating difficult scientific concepts into clear and lucid images; still and animated. After many years as an airbrush artist, he now employs the most advanced desktop technology to create still and moving imagery that exceed his client’s expectations. Gary studied as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University. Received both BFA and MFA degrees at California College of Arts. Gary is a go-to-guy for imaginative, creative concepts. From pencils, through comp development, to final art he has seen many campaigns from start to finish. Gary was the artist for the launch of many important brands including Crixivan, Singulair, Plavix, Enbrel and Avastin. Journals such as Newsweek and Scientific American have sought out Gary to visually translate complex biomedical subjects for general understanding.


DNA Illustrations, Inc.


Award-winning custom medical illustration with nearly 40 years combined experience. Specializing in images showing Mechanism of Action, Anatomy, Surgical procedures, Immunology, and Patient Education.


 Animated Biomedical Productions

Animated Biomedical Productions is a world class medical animation studio. Our animators provide high quality, medically accurate animations and have extensive experience in producing 3D medical and biotech animations for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies, television and educational book and magazine publishers. We are able to provide you or your company with the complete package. From medical scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-over, modelling and animation, through to the production of multimedia tools that run on your computer, mobile devices, the internet, and DVD players.