Hendrik Gheerardyn develops schematic illustrations to communicate complex ideas involving nature and science. As a freelance illustrator with a PhD in Biology, Hendrik combines his background in scientific research with a longtime passion for painting and drawing to create educational artwork. Using precise detail, his custom-tailored services add another dimension to magazines, books, field guides, apps, educational cards, interpretation panels, & infographics. The following samples serve to showcase Hendrik’s diverse techniques, reflecting his ability to adapt his stylistic capabilities to suite a wide range of project specifications.

                   Energy infrastructure in the Netherlands     Hendrik Gheeradyn Water cycle in bangladesh illustration

The illustrations above were created to be published in a geography handbook, where the image on the left showcases a map of energy infrastructure in the Netherlands & the image on the right depicts the hydraulic cycle in Bangladesh.

Infographic St Barts hendrik gheeradyn illustration

Commissioned by the Wildlife Conservation Society, this conceptual diagram outlines threats to the environment of St-Barthélemy.Hendrik’s ability to construct infographics allows informative content to become visually-stimulating, encouraging viewers to make connections between patterns related to the topic of discussion.

       Hendrik Gheerardyn Asian fish species illustrationSpotted crake (Porzana porzana) Hedrik Gheeradyn illustration

The display of Asian fish species (left) and ornithological representation of a spotted crake (right) above were developed for field guides, demonstrating Hendrik’s ability to transmute species identification resources into hyperreal watercolor art. After researching both the taxonomy and ecology of a group of small marine crustaceans for more than eight years, much of Hendrik’s work focused on describing new copepod species for international scientific journal publications such as the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Journal of Natural History, and Journal of Crustacean Biology. Hendrik’s interest in microscopic investigation is reflected in his mastery of the intricate attention to detail needed in recreating maritime, botanical, zoological, and entomological subjects.

Hendrik’s biological background, interest in a wide range of artistic practices, and dedication to accuracy place him as a uniquely-qualified candidate for offering a creative flavor to scientific projects. Check out his portfolio for more stylistic samples: Hendrik Gheerardyn.