Medical artist Ania Hupalowska provides visual solutions for biomedical communication, where her main areas of focus include developing content for scientific papers, magazines, newspapers, books, and data visualization projects. Ania’s career began in cell and developmental biology at the University of Warsaw, continued at the University of Cambridge, and flourished as she gained substantial publication experience in Cell, Nature, Science, Cold Spring Harbour Perspectives, Genome Research, Molecular and Cellular Biology journals.

Science Journal Brain Cell Intenstinal Anna Hupalowska Ania Hupalowska genome research cycling mouse


Ania’s viewer-friendly graphics demonstrate the value in new scientific discoveries to the public, where this Science Journal cover was developed to exhibit signaling mechanisms in the brain and this Cell Journal Cover depicts the remodeling of a metabolite-triggered small intestinal. The Genome Research cover above introduces a study that describes the in-depth analysis of single-cell RNA-seq profiles of young and old mouse hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, which revealed age-dependent differences in cell cycle and differentiation signatures. This symbolic cover illustrates a mouse riding a bicycle on a single-cell path, where each wheel represents a type of cell cycle and its possible outcome.

From totipotency to lineage specification.


Designed for Keystone Symposia, a non-profit organization that encourages the advancement of biomedical and life sciences through connecting scientists with conferences and workshops, this promotional poster maps the route from totipotency to lineage specification.


          Antigen induced signaling

          Nasogastric tube

These infographics designed for scientific publications outline Antigen induced signaling (top left), the stages of a tumor growth and metastasis (top right), drug administration through a nasogastric tube (bottom left), and paraspeckles in mouse embryo development (bottom right).

Medical artist Ania Hupalowska’s engaging graphics allow scientific concepts to be explained with all-encompassing clarity. As incorporating imagery into scientific projects attracts attention, helps decipher complex processes, and provides visual simplification for written text, Ania’s extensive mastery over technical artistry places her as an ideal candidate for communicating scientific messages. View more work samples by Ania Hupalowska here.