Featured image: Sam Spaeth, Biochromatic LLC

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Renee Canon :: Medcom Studios

ReneeCanon MEdcom Studio

Baxter-Tisseel cardia product: marketing illustration used by Baxter to promote their new tisseel product used for injury repair post cardiac surgery.


Adam Questell :: A KYU Design


Cognition Studio, Inc.

Cognition Studio

The PI3K delta pathway: Gilead Sciences, a leader in developing innovative oral medicines targeting PI3K Delta with a focus on B-cell malignancies, including NHL and CLL uses solutions like this to describe the PI3K pathway in a format that is easy to convey and understand while being visually compelling. Only a portion of the overall image is shown here due to space constraints. Created in Illustrator with finishing touches in Photoshop.


Kirk Moldoff :: Kirk Moldoff Studios


Sam Spaeth :: Biochromatic LLC


Editorial illustration covering the unification methods for multiple RNA sequencing methods. This was an abstract idea. 5 strands of twisted nucleotide RNA strands in primary structure are illustrated as molecular nucleic acid bases. The 5 strands lead the eye to the paper’s fundamental venn diagram of the 5 overlaps methodology results.


Elizabeth Nixon Shapiro :: Nixon Medical Media

Elizabeth Shapiro

Safeset In-Line Reservoir: medical device for advertisement and instruction.


Ed Zilberts


Insertion of 22 Channel Cochlear Implant