While reproductive biology mainly focuses on the sex organs and reproductive system, it also touches on other topics such as infertility, endocrinology, cellular biology, embryology, infertility and assisted reproduction among others.

As reproduction is applicable to much of the worlds population it is of paramount importance in the medical community. Doctors and patients alike need to observe and understand the workings, complications, and changes of our reproductive systems to propagate our natural biological reproductive habits.

Here are a few examples:

John W. Karapelou
Diagnostic ultrasound imaging and potential causes of pelvic pain in women, including infections and ectopic pregnancies


Jon Heras
Equinox Graphics

Embryo. Computer artwork of a dividing fertilized egg cell. The cell then divides several times to form a ball of cells in the first stage of embryonic development


Brian Hagen
Meditech Communications, Inc

An egg exiting and ovary on its way down the fallopian tube


Science Source
Illustration showing the progression of cervical cancer. Symptoms of cervical cancer include bleeding between periods, pain after sexual intercourse and heavier periods. Cancer of the cervix is rare and if detected early is almost always cured


Marcelo Oliver
Body Scientific

Fetal Development


Michele Graham
Internal Colors Medical Art

Michele Graham_Fertilization
Fertilization of the Ovum


Lightbox Visual Communications Inc
Illustration was created for a publication on how to treat skin conditions during pregnancy


Marie Dauenheimer
Medical Illustration Studio

Male reproductive system including pelvis, bladder, prostate gland and urethra


Jennifer Gentry
Gentry Visualization

Stages of pregnancy


Fran Milner
Sites of Ectopic Prenancy


Laurie O’Keefe
Male Reproductive Anatomy

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