This cover image by medical illustrator Myles Marshall was created for a research paper published by Columbia University’s Landweber Lab. Developed for the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Department, the report highlights the discovery of a novel methyltransferase protein in the ciliate species Oxytricha Trifallax and details its effect on the genome.

Myles Marshall is a former biochemistry research scientist with five years of professional experience in scientific graphic design and animation. Known for having a unique style defined by the use of realistic lighting, natural materials, and cinematic narratives, Marshal aims to help expand the audience for science communication through using aesthetic regimes not yet explored by the industry. With the primary goal of producing artwork that both captivates and informs target audiences, Marshall assists in the expression of abstract scientific concepts, develops graphical tools for research, and promotes diverse forms of science education. His work has been published in Indiana University Press, Nature, Cell, and multiple other scientific journals. For more artwork by Myles Marshall, check out his portfolio or website.