Long before the modern age of dentistry, oral issues presented a terrifying scenario. They were treated in a variety of ways including extraction, arsenic, bloodletting, and artificial replacements. The only common element to treatment was excruciating pain.

Thankfully, largely due to technology and books, dentistry has progressed and evolved into a more pleasant and less painful experience.  Without a doubt, dentistry illustrations have proven to be an indispensable reference for students and clinicians alike.

Fran Milner

Jennifer McCormick Mind Body Medical Art

From a sequence of illustrations showing the maxillofacial and oral surgical treatment of a patient specific LeFort fracture.


Wendolyn Hill

Wendolyn Hill

Surgical approach for tumor removal.


Garth Glazier

Garth Glazier

Jaw and muscle cross section for dental practice created to show the mandible, teeth, and lower skull.


Lightbox Visual Communications, Inc.

Lightbox Visual Communications

Splinted implant crowns have more abutment surface area and improved retention and resistance form.


Molly Feuer | Feuer Illustration

Feuer Illustration

Second molar root canal with abscess.


Kip Carter | Carter Medical Communications

Carter Medical Communications

Dental anatomy and oral injection illustrations appearing in Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentists.


Kristen Wienandt Marzejon | MedArtDesign

Kristen Wienandt

Components of dental implant


Gary Carlson Illustration

Gary Carlson Illustration

Depicting Captek crown, built upon a gold base.


Renee Cannon | Medcom Studios

Renee Cannon Medcom Studios

Correlation with oral care, intubation, and lung complications.


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