The COVID-19 Virus infection has been declared a worldwide pandemic. It is related to the SARS and MERS corona viruses.
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Coronavirus Visualization :: Medical Illustrators & Animators are Uniquely Qualified for These Times

This is it.

As I write this post, the World Health Organization has characterized the coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic. Information from health organizations and governmental agencies is plentiful, but can be conflicting or confusing in tone. The general advice is not to panic, but to take the situation seriously; to prepare, but not stockpile. In times like these, crystal clear, data-driven research and visual information are vital to effectively educate and inform. Public health and good community outcomes depend on it.

Medical illustrators and animators practice the scientifically driven skillset necessary to support biomedical communications accurately and professionally. The artist-scientists in our field are rigorously trained to produce the compelling, accurate visuals that drive healthcare education. Many of us are board certified through the Association of Medical Illustrators, have advanced professional degrees, and deep professional experience in our own and related healthcare industries. You can depend on us both as partners in research and storytelling, and as leaders in our field.

Our clients are nonprofits, healthcare organizations, advertising agencies, scientific researchers, publishing agencies, and art buyers of all kinds who educate and inform.

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– Rachel Bajema, MS, CM

Editor of the Medical Illustration & Animation Sourcebook