Editorial illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite translates complex information into comprehensible imagery through visual metaphors and humor. Her graphic works of art incorporate a playful twist into medical publications, where the following work samples serve to highlight how Kotryna’s conceptual illustrations can add an inviting flare to a wide variety of scientific projects.

Commissioned by a popular science publication, this editorial illustration expresses CAR T-Cell therapy for solid tumors. While the technology has been an impressive innovation in the field through obliterating some patients’ blood cancers, this conceptual print serves to explain how solid malignancies present new challenges.

Commissioned by an institutional client for healthcare publication aimed at reaching broad audience rather than specialists, this editorial illustration explores lung research.

Commissioned by an editorial client for a main-stream publication, this illustration depicts the joy and the burden of being an organ donor.

Commissioned by an institutional client for healthcare publication, this conceptual editorial was created to outline a prevention project that involved sending out a text message reminding Stockholm citizens to get a flu vaccination.

For more artwork samples by Kotryna Zukauskaite, view her portfolio here.