Visuals for Law is made up of a team of digital artists that have over twenty-five years of combined experience working with attorneys, expert witnesses, paralegals, legal nurse consultants, and medical professionals. Specializing in developing stunning visuals that help win court cases, Visuals for Law is committed to offering only the highest caliber of personal service with the goal of developing lifelong relationships with their clients.

Meet the Team

CEO and forensic animator John Le Baron earned his degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University. Some of his key work experiences working in the visual communications industry include working as an animator for television commercials, as a forensic animator in the legal exhibit field, and working  closely with attorneys, engineer experts, and medical experts on several multi-million dollar cases. Not only has John created hundreds of exhibits for both plaintiff and defense, but he has also had his work featured on the television show 60 Minutes, on, and in Fortune Small Business Magazine.

CCO and medical illustrator and animator, Jill Scott, graduated from the medical illustration program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Shortly after receiving her BFA, she attended the University at Buffalo and received her Master’s degree in Anatomical Sciences. Since then, she has worked in the medical legal exhibit field, creating dynamic, anatomically-accurate medical illustrations and medical animations for trial attorneys. Jill has worked with hundreds of attorneys, created exhibits for numerous high-profile cases, and has years of experience determining the most compelling and beneficial exhibits to help attorneys effectively advocate for their clients.

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Karla Fallas, earned her Master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on top management and marketing. Since then, she has worked in the medical and health care field as a project manager and product sales representative for companies such as Abbott and Nestlé. Karla has worked with hundreds of medical professionals to build relationships as someone that both values integrity and always aims to maintain thorough knowledge of the company and products she represents.

To check out more artwork samples by Visuals for Law, view their portfolio or website.