Medical animation and graphics make up much of the content we feature here at Medical Illustration & Animation–and for good reason. These videos help us visualize concepts that we may not otherwise be able to accomplish with 2D illustrations. They are created for a variety of uses, from patient education, to pharmaceutical commercials, to medical-legal cases (view more Medical-Legal illustrations here).

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite medical animation videos below to showcase the terrific work being done by these multimedia artists. Make sure to explore our Medical Animation collection for more!

“Adaptive Biotechnologies – Measurable Residual Disease (MRD)” by Cognition Studio, Inc.

Explanatory video created for clinicians and patient advocacy/education. This animation won an Award of Merit from the AMI in 2017!


“Aquaporin Sea” by Alpha Tauri 3D Graphics

Personal work on the topic of aquaporins, integral membrane pore proteins which selectively conduct water molecules in and out of the cell.


“Neuron Signaling” by Ella Maru Studio

Video showcasing the medical animation capabilities of Ella Maru Studio.


“Medical Illustration & Animation Showreel” by SciencePicture.Co

A collection of some of SciencePicture’s best scientific illustrations and animations.


“Cell Rejuvenation Animation” by ICom Creative

Animation created for the global biopharmaceutical company Celgene.