Featured image ©Craig Zuckerman

No longer do we live in an age restricted to two-dimensional drawings. With the advent of software technology capable of rendering images with exquisite details, medical imaging has far surpassed previous limitations.

The Medical Illustration Sourcebook artists have the skill and expertise required to create stunning three-dimensional renderings that amaze and educate the medical community.

Here’s a few of our 3D picks:

The Seagull Company

The Seagull Company- 3d

Liposome Endocytosis


Bob Lambiase

Bob Lambiase Head


AS&K Visual

Glen Oomen- 3d

HDL vs LDL lipoproteins and hypertension- Journal cover depicting Low Density Lipoproteins vs High Density Lipoproteins.


Hybrid Medical Animation


Malignant Tumor


Gary Carlson

Gary Carlson-Blood Cells

Blood Cells


Jim Dowdalls

Jim Dowdalls Concept Heart

Concept Heart


John W. Karapelou

John Karapelou 3d

Herpes Zoster Virus Treatment Concept


Epic Studios

Epic Studios Marc Phares 3d


Caitlin Lohr

Caitlin Lohr- 3d

Smoothened GCPR


Maciej Frolow

Maciej Frolow- Neurons

Glass Neurons


Science Source

Science Source 3d

Immunoglobulin G, the most abundant antibody produced by plasma B cells that circulate in the body to defend against infection


Fabio Zenteno

Symmation - Early Life mitosis

Early Life – First Mitosis and Embryo


Craig Zuckerman

Tumor Scene

Tumor Scene


Mark Wrabel :: Lumen3D

Mark Wrabel Lumen 3d


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