Patton’d Studios is a multimedia hub for science communication and innovative technology, where their services include a wide variety of options for project development ranging from motion graphics to web solutions. Their belief that today’s complex issues cannot be solved by one sector alone has driven them to construct a multifaceted studio, where the expert members of their network are made up of diverse specialists that each add a unique talent to the team’s capabilities.

The following work samples serve to highlight the studio’s myriad of technical solutions available, which include photography, videography, animation, 3D modeling, microscopy, graphic design, web solutions, motion graphics, and presentation development.

  • Developed using iron filings and suspensions of iron oxide, this abstract promotional video was produced for the 2018 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN).


  • The 3D Design on the left, created for publication in an academic journal, depicts self-assembling catalysts for electrocatalysis and electroreduction processes. On the right, we have a dermal sphere created to explain how a 3D-printed bio-scaffold can propagate the growth of stem cells.

 Patton'd StudiosElectrocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide Reduction  Dermal Sphere Patton'd Studios


  • The following showreel includes a compilation of the studio’s motion design work developed for research and education throughout 2017.


  • Designed for MotoCap Impact Zones, the graphic below explains the world first safety ranking system of motorcycle apparel.


Patton'd StudiosMotoCap Impact Zones


Patton’d Studios’ ability to cover all forms of media sets them aside as incredibly competent project developers for a multitude of scientific research channels. Through applying their all-inclusive knowledge regarding design, storytelling, and aesthetics, Patton’d Studios both inspires and incites the implementation of proactive solutions.

For more information about Patton’d Studios, check out their portfolio.