Carol Capers, MSMI, CMI is the sole proprietor of Bone-Afide Images, through which she provides medical illustrations to trial lawyers and medical textbook publishers. During the past 18 years of this freelance business enterprise, she has produced medical illustrations for more than 250 chapters in numerous orthopaedic surgery textbooks.

Carol has illustrated a wide range of medical subjects, including orthopaedics, digestive disorders, wound care management, sleep apnea, cardiopulmonary conditions, electroencephalography, varicose veins, and fetal development. These illustrations appear in scientific articles, textbooks, and bulletins; presentations; patient education materials; brochures; newsletters; and flyers.

She is a certified professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has won numerous awards for her illustration and design work, some of which include: Honorable Mention for Outstanding Projection Media, First Place for Outstanding Medical Color, The Gold Orville Parks Award for Outstanding Surgical Illustration, Outstanding Scientific Exhibit from the American Academy of Family Physicians, and more.