Featured Image John W. Karapelou

Conditions that require immediate medical assistance fall into this topic. For patients in distress, doctors may perform emergency resuscitation, start intravenous lines, or take other steps to stabilize the patient. They may also deal with less serious injuries, such as lacerations or broken bones.

Here are few examples emergency medicine created by the Medical Illustration Sourcebook artists:

Mike Austin
Internal Art Medical Illustration

Craig Foster

Tourniquet for Gunshot


Laura Garrison
Laura Garrison


Erica Beade
MBC Graphics

Erica Beade

Insertion Point for IO Needle


Mesa Schumacher

Mesa Schumacher

Setting a tourniquet emergency patient education


John W. Karapelou

John Karapelou

Mechanical forces contributing to ACL failure, partial tear and Lachman test diagnosis.


Craig Kiefer & Kim Martens
Martens & Kiefer

Kiefer and Martens

Arthrodiscectomy – Superior view of spinal disc with surgical instrument


Mica Duran
Mica Duran Studio

Mica Duran

Emergency Ventilation – Mask vs Endotracheal tube – Comparison of ventilation methods. Bag-Valve Mask versus Endotrachial Tube with or without bag


Cognition Studio, Inc.

Cognition Studio

Pediatric Sedation – Endo Tube Placement