KO Studios specializes in developing impactful digital images and animations for the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. Founded by co-directors Myriam Kirkman-Oh and Steve Oh in 1992, KO Studios strives to bring their clients all the advantages of a large, full service, visual media studio without any compromise in quality, range of services, or the ability to deliver on time. They elaborate, “Many of our clients tell us that they love our flexibility and personal attention to their projects and budget limitations.” As each illustrator and animator at KO Studios holds a Masters in Medical Illustration, the studio’s artists are thoroughly trained to be able to solve even the most complex communication problems.

The cover artwork above developed for Journal of Oncology showcases Ductal Carcinoma, nanoparticle delivery systems used for cytotoxic agents, and Metastatic Lung Cancer. These illustrations serve to highlight some of the many ways KO Studios’ graphic artwork can be used to represent a variety of scientific topics with vibrant and compelling detail.

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