Creative agency Patton’d Studios developed this graphic for St. Vincent’s Hospital to accompany their prototype of a new medical device that uses Seizure Forecasting Technology to predict the likelihood of someone having a seizure. Through utilizing the best of both medical and smartphone technology, the device not only accounts for the electrical data transmitted from the brain, but also adds lifestyle and environmental factors into the equation. Patton’d Studios designed this illustration to help explain how the device allows those with epilepsy lead more normal lives, where their usage of colorful details and symbolic icons visually explains the project’s all-encompassing technological advancements.

Patton’d Studios specializes in creating engaging visuals that allow research topics to become outlined with clarity. Covering all forms of media from illustration and photography to animation and web solutions, Patton’d Studios is dedicated to developing scientific communication project that both inform and inspire. For more samples of their work, check out their portfolio or website.