Lauren Hamm is a Chicago-based illustrator who holds a BFA in medical illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology and a MS in biomedical visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

While at UIC, Lauren primarily focused on 3D digital works using programs such as Maya, 3ds Max, and Zbrush. She currently enjoys using Illustrator for vector line art and Photoshop for 2D works and 3D compositing.

Lauren is currently employed by Kaplan University as an instructional designer while she also works as a freelance medical illustrator on the side. Her previous employment includes UIC as a Research Information Specialist for the Creative Development of Multimedia, in the College of Medicine, Department of Medical Education, Distance Education Office. She has also been a researcher and illustrator for the textbook illustration company Body Scientific International located in Long Grove, IL.

Below are a few examples of Lauren’s work. You can see more through her MISB portfolio and website.