Featured Image: David Killpack

Medical artwork is often produced in a myriad of styles depending on the application. One such style is black and white illustration.

Commonly used in textbook publishing and in patient education materials, this style is highly revered for its timeless appeal.

Below we’ve compiled a brief selection of the types of black and white artwork that you can find on MISB.com. Enjoy!

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Krystyna Srodulski


crown and bridge prosthodontics


Mesa Schumacher


A figure from a set of illustration of a Modified Radical Neck Dissection. This anatomical layout of the neck shows the critical anatomy after dissection has been completed. General surgery or Otolaryngology.


Jay LeVasseurApplied Art, LLC


This image is part of a series discussing technical options for heart transplants in patients presenting varied congenital heart conditions.


Rebecca Robinson


Scratchboard Scarab Beetle (Scarabaeidae spp.)


Gregory Lewis
3DeMotion Inc.


Black and white image of neurons and dan double helix. The cell body (soma) contains the neuron’s nucleus (with DNA and typical nuclear organelles). Dendrites branch from the cell body and receive messages.


Tiffany Slaybaugh Davanzo, MA, CMI
Slaybaugh Studios LLC


Depiction of cartilage framework and utilizing of a forehead flap in pediatric reconstructive nasal surgery.


Jonathan Dimes

Jonathan Dimes

Lower eyelid being pulled down revealing multiple tiny vessels in the sclera of the eye.


Karin Spijker


A traditional handmade pencil drawing, combined with digital techniques of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Sarah McNaboe

Sarah Mcnaboe

Pedicularis cystopteridifolia. One of many wildflower illustrations completed for a wildflower identification app.


Jennifer Gentry


Facial muscles


Wendolyn Hill

Wendolyn Hill

Depiction of a new surgical procedure for hernia repair with a mesh.


David Killpack
Illumination Studios


Anatomy of the pancreas


Jillian Walters


Inspired by the Lined seahorses (Hippocampus erectus) exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I like how they use their tails to hold onto sea grasses. Male at the top, followed by two females. Bombay black India ink on Essdee 19×12 scratchboard. #16 xacto blade and size 0 paint brush used as well.