The delicate process of craniofacial reconstruction is used primarily for repairing abnormalities, performing surgery on traumatic injury, or for restoring skeletal remains. As reconstruction is a highly-technical operation, 3D modeling supports accurate delineation. The following craniofacial reconstruction project by medical animator Alexandra Gutowski offers an inside look at anatomical rendering.

Alexandra Gutowski Reconstruction Progress of Guanche

This craniofacial reconstruction of Guanche remains – XXVI A 49 was completed using a three dimensional sculpting software, where the remains subject to this reconstruction were found in a cave on the largest Canary Island, Tenerife.


Craniofacial reconstruction of skeletal remains both allows anthropologists to establish timelines and physicians to study forensic science, where renderings may be used for comparing the anatomy of present-day humans with prehistoric civilizations, for determining causes of death, and for cross-referencing historical records.

Medical animator Alexandra Gutowski specializes anatomy, biology, general surgery, genetics, natural history, and natural science. For more work samples, view her portfolio.