When I start on a new project, the first thing I like to ask is, “why are you making this?”

When I start talking with a client about what kind of illustrations would work best for their goals, I find that when you ask “why” you get insight into more of the project beyond, “here is this thing I want to sell.” By knowing the “why” of a project’s creation, we can best communicate it so that the audience not only understands the product, but also the company they are supporting. #branding

I also like to carry around a handy little printout for you to look at that covers different types of illustrations and animations and how we use them.

visual illustration chart
Visual Illustration Chart

In my experience, different illustration types resonate better with different audiences. Whether a product is something physical like a machine or information like health education, different types of images make sharing that information easier and more concise. This is key because while beauty is necessary, the most important thing is that the intended audience is getting and understanding the message.

On top of your “why” and what the product is, the last thing that we use to decide on a media route is how your message is getting out.

manual mock-up
manual mock-up

Are you going to be printing brochures or handouts? Maybe you are going to be using a fully digital approach and will only be posting your images on social media and websites. You might be doing a combination of both! All that information helps me determine what styles will work best for you.

Why… Audience… Output.

Those are my go-to priorities when starting the important discussion of illustrations. While this may seem mildly time-consuming, all the best works I have created, with the least amount of revisions started with: Why, Audience, and Output.

Are you looking for an illustrator?

Click to download a copy of my handout to help you find out what type of illustration is best for you!

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