Third Left Studios is a collaboration of two artists, Andrea Charest and Karina Metcalf. A shared passion for patient education, health literacy and vector art brought the two together nearly a decade ago and they’ve worked as a duo ever since. Their specialties lie in vector illustration, health infographics and educational 2D animation.

Charest and Metcalf have a passion for working with medical writers and content experts to produce informative educational illustrations. They immerse themselves in a topic in order to find and clearly communicate the essential information. Together, they bring more than 25 years of medical illustration experience to the table. Each has worked as both artists and designers in a variety of health-related fields for well over a decade. But, the thing that makes Third Left Studios most important is the fact that they love what they do.

You can see more from Third Left Studios on their Medical Illustration & Animation portfolio page or on their website.