Adam Questell, founder of A KYU Design, is bringing the “art” back to medical art! He has been working on a new look to offer, and here it is –“precision meets fluidity and energy!”

Adam’s stunning new visuals incorporate CGI and watercolors in a process that he has created and perfected himself: “…this is not a cookie cutter process you can find tutorials for. I designed and honed this process by studying watercolor.”  – Adam​ Questell

“At A KYU Design, visual communication is about clearly and efficiently conveying complex concepts while breathing life and energy into your story, your products, and your ideas.” – Adam Questell


A KYU Design was founded by Adam Questell with a genuine excitement about medicine, science, and technology. That excitement tempered with an objective and analytical approach based on almost 20 years of experience leads to seamless integration with your team and an easy working relationship. There is no “buzzword bingo” just careful thought, rolled up sleeves, a smile, and results. To view more samples of medical illustration, medical animation, natural science illustration, industrial illustration, and industrial animation from Adam Questell and A KYU Design, visit his portfolio and website.