I care about case studies, and if you are looking for an illustrator, you should care about case studies too.


Several months after a project is finished, I contact clients to see how the piece(s) have impacted their project, and I create a case study.  I like to create these because it helps me document the projects I have worked on and helps me determine how to handle future projects.  I want to make sure my work is as efficient and effective as possible.


As a potential client, it is important to know what an illustrator can offer.


Each case study consists of what the project was, what I contributed, how the work was implemented, and how the work benefited the client and affected the intended audience.


While it is important to compile the information for documentation, I really enjoy catching up with a client and seeing how the work has helped them.  While the creation was my work, the purpose of the creation was to help the client share their information.  Hearing about the positive impact of that information in the form of investment, sponsors, or education is why I chose this career.


Essentially, case studies are a way for illustrators to evaluate their work; to see what techniques are most effective for what cases.


What does this all mean to a potential client?


Case studies give you the opportunity to see what projects an illustrator has worked and how effective their illustrative techniques were.  They also give a sense of background to a piece and can help a client get ideas of what kind of work would benefit them on their own project.


I care about case studies and how they affect my illustration strategies, so I create them, but you can read them too if you’re interested.


Follow this link to get inspired: https://legacybiostudios.com/casestudies/


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