Natural science artist David Scheirer enjoys finding balanced combinations between realism, crisp detail, and the expressive fluidity of watercolors. While David also practices both illustration and other forms of painting, he considers watercolors to be his speciality. Much of David’s creative inspiration comes from bird watching, fossil collecting, and beach combing, where some of his favorite topics to paint include birds, shells, plants, and other subjects that can be found in Earth’s natural environment.

The following watercolors serve to showcase David’s inviting style, which can add a uniquely-playful flare to privately-commissioned projects, commercial publications, and books.

Designed for the field guide “Seashells of New England: A Beachcomber’s Guide,” this watercolor depicts the coiled snail shells of New England that include whelks, periwinkles, moon snails, and slipper snails.

Here we have an alphabetical illustration depicting minerals, where this natural science artwork offers an attention-grabbing alternative for learning geological classifications.

This botanical watercolor highlights edible mushrooms that can be found in the wild, offering an informative reference point for mushroom hunters.

For more artwork samples by David Scheirer, view his portfolio here.