A medical representative often has only few minutes to tell a doctor about product. There is no greater “pain” in the pharmacological business than trying to involve doctors into discussion of a product or drug. Nanobot Medical Animation knows how to make it easier. How can it win doctor’s attention? The answer is simple – by making him quickly and deeply understand the product through video illustrations. The main advantage of video marketing is that it simplifies human contact in sales and presentations.

three main trends

Scientifically proven videos

Nowadays videos are solving one of the main concerns of product managers, marketers and medical representatives. They truly keep doctors’ attention on, unlike the often situation when they listen just out of politeness. Qualitative visual content easily engages its viewers as well as tells the important information. If you leave doctor a beautiful and realistic video after your visit, he is likely to send it to his colleagues. Such a possibility for sharing is an important advantage that can’t be achieved by using other marketing materials. All the abovementioned reasons make good scientifically proven visuals crucial for the marketing strategy.

Using VR apart from conferences

There is no better way to penetrate deeply into the cell construction or demonstrate complex biochemical processes than showing them using VR technology. In the US, VR is already being used even during field visits by many medical representatives (even thought the cost of equipment is quite high). People do love interactivity. Doctors watch such videos till the end without any distractions. It also helps to stimulate the emotional attachment to the product. The stakes in the marketing race are high that is what makes this tool worth your attention. VR now is going far beyond of being used exclusively at conferences. The early innovators have a great opportunity to get the best profit out of this new effective approach.

three main trends

Stunning dome videos

Immersive video content leads to a breakthrough in sales and leaves all the other marketing tools behind. Pharmaceutical companies do not just buy doctors’ commitment by using it. They win their hearts and teach the market much faster than before. One of the most impressive tools – dome videos – can be displayed in planetariums. They provide the highest possible wow-effect during conferences. Take this idea into your disposal if you plan to launch a new exclusive product.

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