Specializing strictly in the creation of scientifically accurate content and implementation of innovative solutions for science communications, Nanobot Medical still gets tons of client requests that go beyond our line of work.

In particular, we get lots of submissions to conduct SEO optimization, manage social media pages, select and configure CRM systems, create landing pages for ad campaigns, and many other things we don’t do in our company.

In such cases, instead of plainly refusing these requests, we recommend one of our trusted partners to the client. Everybody wins – a partner gets a warmed-up lead, we obtain client satisfaction, and the client receives a guaranteed expertly implemented project.  

Nanobot Medical also helps partners out with scientifically-accurate content and complex visualization for their clients too. This manner of cooperation is something more than a regular partnership program. It is based on long-term trusting business relationships, which we decided to entitle as Nanobot Alliance

Why Become a Part of Nanobot Alliance?

  1. Get 10% of fees from the first and all following services ordered by a client – a great way to get regular passive income on every piece of service provided monthly.
  2. Get a dedicated project manager that tracks the whole process of distributing your services, consults your sales experts, and helps promptly coordinate any underlying questions.
  3. Get acquainted with regular and potential Nanobot Medical clients IF your services meet their business goals. 
  4. Get your logo and website reference posted in the ‘Our Partners’ section of the Nanobot Medical official page (on condition that we shared at least one client order).
  5. Get a potential 20-30% boost on your average check in the first half a year of sharing client orders. 

What do Clients Get For Signing Up As Nanobot Alliance Partners?

  1. In-depth experience. A 15-year experience of completing over 250 successful projects both for large-scale international pharmaceutical companies and aspiring biotechnology startups. 
  2. Nanobot brand advantage. We have been growing our brand since 2007, focusing on ROI, in-house standards, expertise drawn from working on large-scale projects, and guarantees of meeting deadlines.
  3. Unique sales-boosting content. We supplement our main service packages with additional conversion growth recommendations from experts.
  4. Highly-qualified in-house experts. We have an in-house team of scientists governing the scientific credibility of projects. 

Work with advanced technologies. We also have an experienced team of developers for emerging techs like AR/VR/XR-based projects.

How to Become a Part of Nanobot Alliance?

  1. Make your submission
  2. Expect a call from our manager
  3. Sign a contract with Nanobot Medical
  4. Refer a potential client to us
  5. Start getting your partnership percentage from every referred client. 

Nanobot Alliance is a group of partners that work jointly with us, combining different niches of experience and sets of skills to solve complex and out-of-the-line business tasks.

Reach out to us at info@nanobotmedical.com if you have any questions or doubts concerning the Nanobot Alliance.

And if you are ready to use the unique opportunity to get almost effortless passive income – make your submission, and we’ll do the rest.

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