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We are very excited to announce the release of  Medical Illustration Sourcebook 27 -your definitive resource for medical and scientific illustration, animation, and 3D modeling. With over 180 pages, the Sourcebook introduces you to the most talented artists working today. They have the scientific training and knowledge to understand your challenge, your choice of media and your audience.

These amazing artists offer a depth of knowledge and commitment to scholarship that reflects a lifetime of learning. If you need to hire a biomedical image-maker, look no further than the Medical Illustration Sourcebook!

©Vessel Studios :: Pages 46 + 47, Cover

This year’s cover image was developed by Vessel Studios as part of a concept art study for campaign art and a MOA animation involving toll like receptors on immune cells. The client asked for a warm hopeful atmosphere and a combination of accurate and representative structures such as the space-filling receptors on the glassy cell membrane. Vessel focused on seamlessly combining all the requested elements into an in-the-moment snapshot of the micro-environment that feels animated even as an image.

For more information, or to get in touch with Vessel Studios, please contact Gail Thurm.

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  • Medical Illustration Begins on Page 49
  • Medical Animation Begins on Page 7
  • Natural Science Illustration Begins on Page 151

These brilliant individuals have a unique ability to communicate with the research scientist, physician, attorney and layman to allow your assignment to have dimension, life and humanity. Their ability to draw, paint, photograph and to harness visual computing technology translates thousands of words into powerful, engaging images.

“This is the only source I turn to for medical illustration.”

Michelle Bernstein
VP Director of Art Buying
Grey Healthcare

©AKYU Design :: Pages 8 + 9

Bryan Christie
© Bryan Christie Design :: Pages 78 + 79

Illumination Studios equinox
© Illumination Studios :: Page 161   © Equinox Graphics :: Page 157

Guth Laurie

© Guth Illustration & Design  :: Page 159   © Laurie O’Keefe :: Page 169


“As we get projects in the door we always refer to MISB to look at relevant work & art direction and find the talent we need to get the job done.”

Ben Porcari
IBC Digital

The Sourcebook is distributed free of charge to qualified medical and scientific art buyers.

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Current and potential clients regularly consult the printed Sourcebook to find the artists they need to bring their projects to life.  It is where art buyers from around the world turn to find the top creators of medical and scientific artwork and see their very latest styles and techniques. The Sourcebook is where you should be looking if you need to hire a professional medical artist in this market.