Applied Art is a medical illustration studio committed to producing informative and beautiful imagery. Jay LeVasseur, Principal, has over fifteen years of experience creating high-impact illustrations to promote new medical advances, clarify biomedical concepts, and depict surgical procedures.  Holding an MFA degree in medical & surgical illustration from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), he will partner with you to make  your project a success in a timely, affordable, and professional manner. Below are just a few examples of their recent surgical illustration work.

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Urogenital T-Spec Advertisement

Urogenital T-Spec Advertisement ©Jay LeVassuer/Applied Art, LLC


Stenotic PV Surgery

Stenotic PV Surgery ©Elsevier Illustration by Jay LeVasseur/Applied Art, LLC


Bilateral lung transplant

Bilateral lung transplant ©Jay LeVasseur/Applied Art, LLC


Uro-genital surgical procedure

Uro-genital surgical procedure / percutaneous ©Swan Valley Medical, Illustration by Jay LeVasseur / Applied Art, LLC


Robotic Kidney Transplantation Surgery

Robotic Kidney Transplantation Surgery ©Jay LeVasseur / Applied Art, LLC