Steffen Visual Effects created Hope on the Horizon – a 3D MOA medical animation depicting new theories about biochemical mechanism of disease and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The animation was created for CogRx, a small biotech startup in Pittsburgh. This exciting project brought to life the protein structures CogRx is currently investigating.

Check out the video here.

From Steffen Visual Effects,

Some proteins that we know interact have yet to be crystallized as bound structures. In order to better understand protein function and the cascade of events that result in cellular process, we work with structural biologists to theorize potential alignments and interactions.



Creating the 3D animation for the beta amyloid beta oligomer required significant research in order to determine viable conformation changes of individual monomers. Referencing Dr. Vijay Pande’s work at Stanford University to simulate AB oligomerization , our medical animators developed this depiction of an AB oligomer movement.

To better help their clients secure further support for their research, Steffen Visual Effects also delivered a series of 3D illustrations like the one below depicting important ideas related to their products messaging.