SciencePicture.Co is a 3D medical animation studio renowned for creating vibrant and compelling 3D visualizations in the fields of medicine, science, and biotechnology. Specializing in mechanism-of-action animations, medical animations, and scientific illustrations, their captivating works of art offer a creative flare to visual communication projects. From the inner workings of the human body to complex micro-cellular processes, SciencePicture.Co’s artistic renderings provide informative dissemination of unparalleled distinction.


As comprehensive medical animations and illustrations are ideal for showcasing new products at launch, enhancing training applications, increasing brand awareness, standing out at events, and explaining complex processes in an engaging way, SciencePicture.Co’s inventive proficiency allows them to facilitate impactful messaging for a wide variety of educational enterprises. Their artwork has been featured in numerous international publications such as National Geographic, New Scientist, Science Illustrated, Popular Science, BBC Focus, Wired, and on the cover of Nature Magazine.


  Blood Vessel Legionella pneumophila

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