Ella Maru Studio, Inc. is organized by a team of scientists with PhD’s from top universities in collaboration with professional graphic designers to offer the artistic digitalization of scientific projects. Their combination of diverse skill sets allow for proposals to become translated with pristine accuracy while still incorporating visionary creativity. Ella Maru Studio’s services include developing cover images for scientific magazines, designing scientific and medical illustrations for a variety of projects, web design, creating scientific animations, and drafting logos, brochures, and pamphlets. The following work samples serve to highlight their expertise in constructing attention-grabbing graphics.

The 3D illustrations above depict Cas9 Inhibitors disseminated across seven Bacterial Phyla (left), fat cells (middle), and egg fertilization by sperm (right.)


This animation was developed to demonstrate Neuron Signaling, where Neurotransmitters send electrochemical signals to trigger the release of certain chemical messengers.


Featured on the cover of Nature Magazine’s Volume 548 Number 7667, this image translates a conceptualized view of an individual with multiple cancers that have metastasized. The primary cancers represented include prostate cancer (blue), breast cancer (pink), lung cancer (green) and colon cancer (orange).

cancer visualization in mouse

Here we have cancer visualized through a mouse, where the two molecules on the left – Hexafluorobenzene(HFB) and (c(RGDfk)-SH) – are used to make the molecule FRGD-TFB-RGD on the right. This molecule has integrin receptor-specific binding, where it accumulates in the tumour and is used for tumor imaging.

To check out more of Ella Maru Studio Inc.’s work samples, view their portfolio.