Natural Science & History artist David Hamuel uses detailed imagery to inspire an appreciation for the natural world, where his passion for sharing environmental stories continuously drives him to explore new visual outlets. While David’s specialties are illustration and photography, his interest in embracing innovative media techniques allows him to incorporate a variety of stylistic mediums into his artwork with steadfast ease.

David’s areas of expertise are Zoology, Entomology, Biology, Botany, Immunology, and Archaeology. The following projects serve to highlight some of the ways David’s graphics can be used to add a creative flare to visual communication projects.

  • These illustrations depicting a European Goldfinch, Ferruginous Hawk, Brown-headed Cowbird, and Red-Tailed Hawk add dimension to both ornithological publications and environmental outreach projects.

david hamuel golen finchhawk david hamuel david hamueldavid hamuel red-tailed hawk

  • Here we have a mixed media composition of planet Earth, which offers an element of alluring depth to educational textbook material, natural science resources, and general marketing material.

David Hamuel Planet

  • The artwork below depicting a Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra) fruit, artichoke, and pineapple use hyperrealism to recreate subjects with a distinctively intricate aesthetic, which can provide a uniquely-captivating attention grabber for marketing campaigns and advertising projects.

David Hamuel acorn .    .    david hamuel pineapple

  • These two photos showcase red-backed jumping spiders, where David also offers professional photography and macro-photography services for projects that are better suited to photographic storytelling.

  red-backed jumping spider david hamuelred-backed jumping spider

What makes David’s work so compelling is his ability to recreate natural subjects with hyper-specific detail while adding his own artistic flavor to visual communication projects. David’s style easily draws attention to a wide range of graphic enterprises, where his visually-inviting works of art offer just the right combination of educational design and a tasteful captivation to keep audiences fully engaged. Check out more of David Hamuel’s work samples here.